OHBOYGAMES is a new game and puzzle book company that creates fun, entertaining, and inclusive  products themed around LGBTQ+ concepts but which EVERYONE can play:  gay, straight, old, young, male, female, non-binary... EVERYONE.  At OHBOYGAMES we want to make the WHOLE world smile, and everyone includes YOU!

Test your logical skills with a Free Monthly PrideLOGIC  puzzle.

"If it were not for those who fought for LGBTQ equality in the past,  our company would not exist today."


~Jared The Founder

Where did Linda propose to her girlfriend?

What night of the week is gay bowling?

Which pronoun does Mellow prefer?

Find out the answers to these questions and more when you solve PrideLOGIC!


Rainbows have lost their color and it's up to you to get it back.  But watch out, these aren't your normal looking rainbows.  These are YALUKULAY Rainbows!




Each week OHBOYGAMES uploads a FREE YALUKULAY Rainbow for you to print, solve, then share with your friends. 




At OHBOYGAMES, each product we launch will be printed in a Special Rainbow Edition package.  We do this to pay homage to the rainbow symbol that has become so important in the LGBTQ movement. 


Our first two products, YALUKULAY and PrideLOGIC, are light blue and yellow respectively.  In the upcoming months, we will also be launching two card games that will be Purple and Magenta.  Eventually, we intend to have a product for every color imaginable.

LGBTQ Org? or Member?

Learn about how we show our appreciation to YOU and the members of your LGBTQ Orgs (both 501c3 and non).