OHBOYGAMES is the newest LGBT company that is inlusive to all persons.  We have gay gift and lesbian gift ideas,  nonbinary gift ideas for the entire LGBTQ community

our history

(more coming Soon)


There are many fly-by-night companies in this world today.  OHBOYGAMES, however, is not one of them.  While our official operations began in 2018, our history extends much further beyond that. 


Over the next few months we are going to be digging back into our notes throughout the years when OHBOY was just a "hobby-project."  We intend on sharing some of our more interesting findings with you both on here and on our social media channels. 


Why do we want to do this?  Simple, so you can see how you were as much a part of us starting the business as we were.  

Check back soon to learn more, or stay connected with us below.  Thanks!