Our mission:

To create a positive impact in this world by creating fun, entertaining, and inclusive products.


Our vision:

To Make The Whole World Smile

"It's the most ambitious goal we've ever set for ourselves,  but we will never stop pursuing it because we think it's entirely possible!"


Our motto:

It's a phrase that propelled our company faster than anything else.  It quickly became so ingrained in our early decision making processes, we thought it would be best suited as our name.  Why?


Because at OHBOYGAMES, we are

Only Here Because Of You


Our commitment

We are deeply committed to all the LGBTQ+ groups that have fought and continue to fight for  equality.  As a small token of our appreciation we developed our ThankYOU Donation & ThankYOU Discount programs.  It's our small way of giving back to YOU for all your efforts.


Our Products

At OHBOYGAMES, we launched operations with two puzzle books:  YALUKULAY & PrideLOGIC! 


But we aren't just a puzzle book company.  In fact, we have games in post production!


Our history

OHBOYGAMES opened for business in 2018; however, our roots extend much earlier.  When it comes down to it, we were able to pursue this business idea because of two reasons 1) our desire,  education and passion to do so and 2) because the LGBTQ community is more socially accepted in America than ever before!  The former would never exist without the latter.   And we are forever grateful!