Our mission:

To create a positive impact in this world by creating fun, entertaining, and inclusive products.


To make the whole world smile.

Our mottO:

Only Here Because Of You


I  was on a plane the other day and I noticed something that made me smile.  There was an entire row of people, each of them doing some type of puzzle book.  While most people may think this a normal activity during airline travel, what I found exciting about this was that these travelers were each doing their puzzles on paper...in an puzzle book. They were not using their smart phones or tablets.  They were not clicking or swiping.  Instead, they each had a pen or pencil, and they were feverishly circling words in a word find, or filling in the blanks of a crossword puzzle.  The best part is that they smiled every time they figured something out -- And their smiles made me smile.  


"...At OHBOYGAMES we are

Only Here Because Of You."

If this is your first experience with OHBOYGAMES, let me take a moment to share with you three things about our company.  First, and probably the most important, is that at OHBOYGAMES we are Only Here Because Of You.  We have a strong understanding that the only reason we are able to exist in business today is because of the people that fought, and continue to fight, for LGBTQ equality.  The struggles which "YOU" endured and overcame helped create a better, more accepting world for us to grow up in.  That is why every business decision we make is with you in mind.  Thank you so very much...for everything!


"To make a positive

impact in this World..."

The second thing I’d like you to know is that our company’s mission is “To make a positive impact in this world by creating fun, entertaining, and inclusive products.”  Each and every day we are faced with a choice: to do this? or to do that?  Thirty years from now, as a business, and as individuals, we want to look back on our lives and be able to say that as a result of the choices we made, at some point, we made a difference.  We owe that much to this world.

"To make the

whole world smile"


Lastly, I would like to share with you our company’s vision statement, and that is “To make the whole world smile.”  I would be lying if I said this wasn’t the most ambitious goal I have ever been tasked with.  It is so difficult that people often tell me that we should change it.  “Come up with something more attainable,”  they say.  And you know what? A lot of times I do consider their advice...

,,,But then I board a plane, and across from me are three people all sitting in a row, each working in their own puzzle book, and it’s making them smile, which is making me smile.  And in moments like these I realize that while our vision statement is incredibly ambitious, it is absolutely attainable.
Thank you so much for finding OHBOYGAMES.  We hope you enjoy the products we offer now, and those which we will offer in the future.  More importantly, we really hope they make you smile!