Logic Problems featuring the LGBTQ Community
Free Monthly PrideLOGIC puzzle feature and LGBTQ activity.  This month featues Kathy and Julie, two lesbians who fall in love after four dates. You'll have to use the clues to figure out where the women did on each of their dates

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A Message From the Creator of PrideLOGIC
"When I was first introduced to Logic puzzles I thought they were impossible solve.  However, I soon learned that's not the case at all.  To solve a logic puzzle I didn't need to be a genius.  I just needed to have patience and a desire to find answers based on facts, not assumptions.  And that's really all there is to logical thinking and solving these puzzles."
"As I've grown older, I witness people everyday  -- myself included -- that make decisions much more often based on assumptions, rather than true facts."
That got me thinking, wouldn't we be a better place if we all acted a little more logically.  Thus PrideLOGIC was born."


Volume 1

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