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At OHBOYGAMES, our vision is to make the whole world smile.  That's why each week we upload a new FREE YAULUKAY Rainbow puzzle for you to print and enjoy.  Don't know how to play Yalukulay?  No problem.  Instructions are below!  Have fun!
How to Play
Yalukualy logo.  OHBOYGAMES pemier puzzle book activity game.
In 9 Quick Slides


"The rainbow has been an symbol of presence and hope within the LGBTQ movement for decades.    YALUKULAY was created as a way for us to pay homage to that symbol in our own unique way.
"I remember when I was a teenager and I saw a pride flag for the first time.  It was hanging from a neighbor's awning.  I drove past that house nearly a hundred times after that.  I knew I was gay back then, but I wasn't out yet.  I was just too scared to be.  But seeing that flag gave me hope that one day I wouldn't have to hide anymore, and that I could live openly, just like whoever hung that flag.
"Today we are seeing an explosion of pride flags across our community, each representing a different group of people -- And I think it's wonderful.  Why?  Because even today we still need symbols to remind people that they are not alone out there, just like I was reminded each and every time I drove past by my neighbor's house."
Jared (Founder) 
P.S.  The first edition of YALUKULAY pays tribute to the 6-color pride flag.  In 2019, however, we have something pretty exciting planned.  Stay tuned! 
Yalukulay.  Gay gift, Lesbian gift puzzle book themed around colorless rainbows.

Rainbows have lost their color and it's up to you to get it back.  But watch out, these aren't your normal looking rainbows.  These are YALUKULAY Rainbows!