Kathy & Julie Fall In Love

Free PrideLOGIC Puzzle (April 2019)

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It took four dates for Kathy & Julie to fall in love.  In each of the four dates they had dinner at a different restaurant (either Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or Thai) and then they followed up each dinner with a different activity (Coffee, Ice Cream, Mini-Golf, or a Movie).  Using the clues below , match each dinner date with its corresponding activity as well as the order the four dates took place. 


Note:  You can also download the PDF complete with a work grid.  (And learn how to use the work grid here.)



  • Julie first noticed she was having feelings for Kathy when their hands touched in the popcorn bowl at the movies, but this wasn’t on their first or fourth date.

  • The date the women had ice cream was the same date when the women had Thai (which occurred sometime before the date with mini-golf).

  • Between the date where the women had coffee and the fourth date where both women finally fell in love, one included an Italian dinner and the other Chinese.

  • Kathy remembers the Thai restaurant date like it was yesterday.  It was the date which immediately followed the Mexican restaurant date.  and Julie spilled sweet ‘n sour sauce all over her shirt.  Kathy remembers it well because she made a joke about how only the sweet sauce had stuck.

  • On their fourth date (which didn’t involve Italian food), both women smiled bashfully at each other the entire evening.  They each knew they had met the love of their lives.

That's all the clues we have.  Can you figure out the solution?   When you thinking you've got it, check your answer on the bottom left corner of the Print & Play Document found here.


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Free Monthly LGBTQ PrideLOGIC puzzle by OHBOYGAMES. This month features Kathy and Julie, two lesbians who fall in love after four dates. You'll have to use the clues to figure out wherthe women went on each of their dates