Rainbows have lost their color.  It's up to you to get it back!  But watch out!  These aren't your normal rainbows.  These are YALUKULAY ("ya-loo-koo-lay") rainbows, and each one has a dynamic color scheme.  


In YALUKULAY, rainbows have 36 different stripes divided into 6 arcs and 6 slices.  Each stripe can be one of 6 colors with each color appearing once in each are and in each slice.  Some stripes are pre-filled for you, but most are blank.  You must use the clues embedded to find the other missing coors.


Think you're smart enough to figure it out?  Then grab a pencil (or some crayons if your feeling confident) and get started solving the mystery of the YALUKULAY rainbows by OHBOYGAMES.


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Book Features

  • 60 unique never been published YALUKULAY puzzles.
  • Clean, concise instructions with ViSUALS to help you get started.
  • Easy to read blocked answer key for quick reference
  • Special Rainbow Edition Packaging - Light Blue


Book Construction

  • Approx. 8.5"l x 5.5"w x.11"h
  • Matte cover for durable finish
  • 60# paper 
  • ISBN:  978-1-732-4023-1-7