ThankYOU Discount Program

UPDATED 7/14/2018

At OHBOYGAMES, we are Only Here Because Of You, the people that fought, and conintue to fight for LGBTQ+ equality.  As our way of saying thanks, we offer special promotions and offers to group members of organizations that exist to support LBGTQ+ and/or gender equality.  

How does an Organization qualify for the ThankYOU Discount Program?  

An organization qualifies for the ThankYOU Discount Program if they meet all these requirements:

  • The organization exists to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) equality or equality specifically for persons with regard to sexual orientation or gender identify.

  • The organization agress to notify OHBOYGAMES if they cease to support equailty for all LGBTQ+ persons.

  • The organization agrees to receive communication from OHBOYGAMES by email and/or potentially by phone if any reason should arise.

  • The organization does not engage in any illegal or unethical acts.

Does an Organization have to be 501c3 to get the ThankYOU Discount Program?

No.  Whether your organization is a 501c3 or not you are eligible to receive special promotional discounts for your members so long as you meet the qualifications shown above.  NOTE:  If you are a 501c3 organization, please make sure you read the ThankYOU Donation Program section because you may qualify to receive donations.

How Does An Organization  Register for the ThankYOU Discount Program?

Register your organization by filling out the form found on the ThankYOU Programs page.  

What happens when you register?

OHBOYGAMES will provide your email a temporary promotion code that you can share with the members of your group so they can receive special savings on purchases made on OHBOYGAMES.COM.  

OHBOYGAMES will continue to communicate (infrequently) with different types of emails.  Below is a non-exhaustive lists of the types of emails an organization could receive when they register their organization with OHBOYGAMES.COM:

  • Special promotional emails only for LGBTQ+ groups with discount codes for your members.  (You will need to share the email with your members directly.)

  • Inspirational emails about the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Optional Survey emails related to improving OHBOYGAMES operations.

  • Emails related to announcments, drawings, and recipients of any ThankYOU Donations

How will Your Organization Members Receive these Promotions Information?

It will be up to whomever receives those emails from OHBOYGAMES to share with their group members.  OHBOYGAMES will only communicate special ThankYOU Discount promotions to the email provided to use when the group registers. 

Removal of an Organization From the List

OHBOYGAMES reserves the right to remove any group from our ThankYOU Discount Program at our sole discretion and without any reason.   Note:  We will absolutely remove any organization that we discover brings negative attention or controversial opinions to any of the following:

  • their own organization
  • any part of the LGBTQ community or it’s subgroups (intersex, allies, etc.)

  • any part of OHBOYGAMES, our products, or our employees

Unsubscribing from Emails

At anytime an organization may "unsubscribe" to receiving emails from OHBOYGAMES.   This means a organization will no longer recieve and general  emails from OHBOYGAMES.  It also means they will no longer receive coupon codes to share with their members, so your members would not be able to get any special discounts.    Organizations should allow 7-14 days from emails to stop completley.

NOTE:  If your Organization is a 501c3 org you will still receive specific emails related to being a recipient for a ThankYOU donation.  See Unsubscribing versus Un-registering under the ThankYOU Donation Program Terms.

Other Reasons We May Contact You

OHBOYGAMES may contact your organization by email or phone if we are planning a visit to your area.  We may do this to see if you have any volunteer assistance needed or if you would like to partner for a general fundraiser.  It's just another way we want to give back.


Other Terms?

At any time and for any reason, OHBOYGAMES can remove an organization from our registration list and thereby make them ineligible for receiving donations.  OHBOYGAMES does not need any cause in the removal.

Also, at any time and at our discretion, OHBOYGAMES can change the terms and condiitions of this ThankYOU Discount Program as they exist here.  We assume no responsibility to notify you of any changes made to this program.


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