ThankYOU Donation Terms and Conditions

UPDATED 7/14/2018




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ThankYOU Donation Program Overview

Throughout the year, OHBOYGAMES will make ThankYOU Donations to select 501c3 organizations that exist to support Lebsian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and non-binary gender equality.

How much does OHBOYGAMES donate for each ThankYOU Donation?

Amounts will vary among each of the ThankYOU Donations.  The exact value for each ThankYOU Donation will be determined by the president of OHBOYGAMES. 

How often will OHBOYGAMES make a ThankYOU Donation?

At minimum, we agree to a make at least one ThankYOU Donation per calendar year. 

Why just once?  --  Actually, we expect to make multiple ThankYOU Donations throughout the year; however, we legally had to say: “one ThankYOU Donation per calendar year."  (Good thing attorneys don’t write rules for games, right?)

What organizations are eligible to receive a ThankYOU Donation from OHBOYGAMES?

OHBOYGAMES will make a ThankYOU Donation to an organization (or organizations) that meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • The organization is registered with the United States government as a 501c3 organization in active status.

  • The organization exists to support any part of equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer persons OR the organization exists to support equality for all persons regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • The organization is registered with OHBOYGAMES.COM for at least 14 days before the  ThankYOU Donation in question is announced.

  • The organization agrees to provide a receipt of the donation amount to OHBOYGAMES.

  • The organization agrees for OHBOYGAMES to publicize the announcement of the donation in any form of media, as well as content our own website:  OHBOYGAMES.COM.  This announcement will include reference to the organization(s) that receives the donation.

  • The organization is still classified as IN GOOD STANDING.

How is an organization classified IN GOOD STANDING?

A 501c3 organization is IN GOOD STANDING if:

  • The organization has done nothing to bring negative attention or controversial opinions to any of the following:

    • their own organization

    • any part of the LGBTQ community or it’s subgroups (intersex, allies, etc.)

    • any part of OHBOYGAMES, our products, or our employees

  • The organization continues to exist to support equality for any part of the LGBTQ community.

  • The organization is registered as a 501c3 with the United States Government.

How will OHBOYGAMES choose which organization(s) we will make a ThankYOU Donation to?

After we announce we are making a ThankYOU Donaton, then OHBOYGAMES will randomly select at least one organization from our list of eligible 501c3 organizations.   

How many organizations will OHBOYGAMES donate to for each ThankYOU Donation?

OHBOYGAMES will choose at least one organization as recipient for each ThankYOU Donation.  If we select multiple organizations as recipients for a ThankYOU Donation, the total amount of the ThankYOU Donation will be divided equally among all organizations that were randomly selected for that specific ThankYOU Donation.  For example, if OHBOYGAMES decides to make a ThankYOU Donation of $500, and we decide to select four recipients to receive that ThankYOU Donation, each recipient organization would receive $125 (or one-fourth of the total $500).

What happens if an organization is selected to receive a ThankYou Donation from OHBOYGAMES?

Donations will be made by OHBOYGAMES any/all organizations selected as recipients within 14 days after the random selection process so long as the organization is deemed edible and in good standing.  If a selected organization is found not to be eligible or  IN GOOD STANDING, they forfeit their rights to the donation, and OHBOYGAMES will randomly select another recipient.

What happens if an organization is NOT selected to receive a ThankYou Donation?

Well, that's no fun.  But don’t worry.  Just because an organization is not selected to be a recipient for one ThankYOU Donation doesn’t mean they won’t be selected for the next ThankYOU Donation.  Unless the organization requests to be removed from our list, OHBOYGAMES will keep every organization information in our system.  During this time the organization will still receive emails from our company with promo codes for savings that they can share with their organization members (See ThankYOU Discount Program).  It also means that the next time next time OHBOYGAMES announces a ThankYOU donation, that organization will be in the drawing to be a recipient of that ThankYOU Donation, so long as the organization is still eligible and in good standing.  

Can an Organization receive more than one ThankYOU donation?

Yes.  An organization is eligible to receive as many ThankYOU donations they are randomly selected for.  For example, if OHBOYGAMES makes 12 ThankYOU Donations in a calendar year, any qualified organization would be eligible to be a recipient for all 12 ThankYOU Donations.

That being said, an organization is only eligible to receive one equal part of any one ThankYOU Donation.  For example:  this means if we decide to donate $500 to four organizations in one ThankYOU Donation, any one organization is only eligible to receive one equal share of that total donation:  $125 (or one-fourth of $500).  If their name is somehow randomly selected twice, they will not receive that second portion; rather, another organization will be randomly selected.

Why do you allow an Organization to receive multiple ThankYOU Donations per year?

Random selection is the fairest form.  We’re game company, so follow us here.  Think about when you roll a standard six-sided die that has the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 printed on it’s side.  On your first roll, you could role a 1.  On your second role you could role also roll a 1.  Just because you rolled a 1 on the first roll, it didn’t remove that number from contention on the second roll.  Likewise, just because we randomly selected one 501c3 recipient that fights for equality for one ThankYOU Donation doesn’t mean that we will remove that organization from the second selection process.  After all, if they haven’t stopped doing all their charitable work, they should still be eligible.

What communications will an organization recieve when they register on OHBOYGAMES.COM?

​At OHBOYGAMES, we understand and respect that organizations don't want to be bombarded with a ton of emails promoting a business.  We do, however, wish to provide the organization with special savings codes that they can share with their members on an occassional (non excessive) basis, and this will be done so via email  (See ThankYOU Discount Program.)


Here is a non-exhaustive lists of the types of emails an organization could receive when they register their organization with OHBOYGAMES.COM.

  • Emails related to annoucments, drawings, and recipients of any ThankYOU Donations

  • Special promotional emails only for LGBTQ+ groups with discount codes for your members..

  • Inspirational emails about the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Optional Survey emails related to improving OHBOYGAMES operations.

Unsubscribing from Emails

At anytime an organization may "unsubscribe" to receiving emails from OHBOYGAMES.   This means a organization will no longer receive general or promotional emails from OHBOYGAMES.  It also means they will no longer receive coupon codes and other promotional offers to share with their members, so your members would not be able to get any special discounts.    Organizations should allow 7-14 days from emails to stop completely.

NOTE:  Organizations will still receive specific emails related to ThankYOU Donations including the announcements, drawing results, etc.  See Unsubscribing versus Unregistering.


Unsubscribing versus Unregistering


Unsubscribing to emails only applies to general emails.  Organizations will still receive emails related to the ThankYOU Donation, OHBOYGAMES will still need to communicate via email with them. 


If an organization does not want to receive any emails from OHBOYGAMES at all, they must unregister their organization from the ThankYOU Donation Program entirely by emailing info@OHBOYGAMES.COM directly with your organization name and email address in the body of the email.  By unregistering, the organization will no longer be eligible to be a recipient of any ThankYOU Donation.


OTHER DONATIONS besides the ThankYOU Donation Program?

Not binding to this ThankYOU Donation program, OHBOYGAMES reserves the right to make other donations to organizations at our discretion.  The recipients of these donations will be made at the sole discretion of the President of OHBOYGAMES and they may not be on the list of registered organizations.  The sums donated from these other donations may come from the net proceeds of the sales from OHBOYGAMES.COM.  Other recipients or potential recipient organizations of ThankYOU Donations have no claims for these Other Donations or any portion of values they include.


Other Terms?

At any time and for any reason, OHBOYGAMES can remove an organization from our registration list and thereby make them ineligible for receiving donations.  OHBOYGAMES does not need any cause in the removal.

Also, at any time and at our discretion, OHBOYGAMES can change the terms and condiitions of this ThankYOU Donation Policy as they exist here.  We assume no responsibility to notify you of any changes made to this program.


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