ThankYOU Donation

Program (for 501c3's)


At OHBOYGAMES we know we are

Only Here Because Of You.

That's why we donate to 501c3 organizations who are registered with our company and who exist to support LGBTQ+ equality.  It's our small way of saying THANKS to those that continue to fight for LGBTQ+ rights.   Without all of you, and those that came before you, we wouldn't be in business today!

LGBT Rainbow Logo wth OHBOYGAMES logo: Only Here Because Of You which symbolizes that our LGBT Board Card Game Business only exists because of the efforts of others in the LGBTQ equality fight!

ThankYOU Discounts

Program (All LGBTQ+ Groups)


We provide special discounts to all members of all organizations that work to provide LGBTQ equality and gender quality.

How it Works

Orgs (501c3 or non-501c3 that exist to support equality) simply register with our company below. 

You'll recieve a temporary discount code immediatley and then we'll occasionally send your org emails with other special offers that you can share with your members.  It's that simple.

Not a 501c3?

Not a Problem!


While non-501c3 Organizations do not qualify to receive donations, the members of these groups are eligible for special savings through the ThankYOU Discount Program so long as the group exists to support LGBTQ+ equality, and they are registered with us below. 

Social groups that support LGBTQ+ equality are extremely important building a strong society based on acceptance and equality.


Register Your

Organization Here!

To register your organization, please fill out the following form.   


Temporary Discount Code

Upon registering, a temporary discount code will pop up below the form.  You and your group members can immediately use this promo code for purchases for 30 days until we get you set up in our system.

Registering as a 501c3

If registering as a 501c3 Org, we will confirm your details within 14 days and send you a follow up email letting you know when you are a canditated to receive donations from OHBOYGAMES. 


Note:   By submitting this form you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions in our Thank YOU Donation/Discount Program.

Thanks, we'll get you registered soon. For now use Promo Code: THANKYOU15 (all caps) at check out to save 15% on your product purchases. Savings cannot be applied on any tax or shipping.

Grateful For 



"Growing up I played a lot of sports.  I remember when I came out, I thought that part of my life was over.  A few years later I found out about the gay softball league.  I signed up that day, and I must tell you, it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  I got to play competitive ball, travel to tournaments, and I made ton of new friends without ever having to hide who I was.  I'm so grateful that the league existed and that the people were so welcoming."

Proud Founder